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Brazil Girl Asks TV Priest For Crack-Addict Mum To Come Home For Xmas

A girl in Brazil has melted hearts by asking a priest on a live religious programme for her mother to quit crack and come home after spending 19 years on the streets – and her wish could well be coming true.

Emanuelly Carvalho, 11, who hails from the Brazilian municipality of Divinopolis, called up Father Reginaldo Manzotti on his popular live TV and radio broadcast on 21st November.

The youngster, who does not know her biological father and whose crack-addict mother has been living on the streets for 19 years, told Father Reginaldo and the country: “I’ve never had my mum with me and this is my grandma’s dream.”


Clearly moved by the young girl’s wish, Father Reginaldo prayed with the girl and asked for her wish to become her Christmas present.

Father Reginaldo, who is known for his evangelism and strong social media presence, said along with Emanuelly: “Baby Jesus, I ask you as a gift that my mum Keila be cured of drugs and return home.”

Emanuelly lives with her 74-year-old maternal grandmother Maria Jose and has never known love from her mother Keila Carvalho.

The family is Catholic and has faith in the prayers of Father Reginaldo, whose programme is followed closely in the household.


Emanuelly told local media: “I’m sure that with the priest’s prayers and the prayers from everyone supporting us, my dream of having my mother close will come true.”

Her grandmother told local media: “Drugs never let Keila be a mother. The street was always her priority. Crack took my daughter away from me at the age of 17.

“I remember that she was still studying when she started using drugs and she would always lie that she was going to class. In six months she only set foot in school once.

“I’ve been suffering for 19 years and I don’t want my granddaughter to experience the same.

“Even though they don’t live together, Emanuelly loves her mother and our dream is to live peacefully and be happy with Keila, far away from the monster that is crack.”


As an early Christmas present for Emanuelly, it seems that her prayers may have been heard, as her mother has since received support from a charity that takes in homeless people with addictions.

Reports said the mother was hospitalised on 26th November and is still undergoing treatment.

The man behind the project, Sergio Bebiano, learned of Keila through Father Reginaldo’s broadcast. He said that Keila will remain in hospital until she recovers from her addiction.

The news also served as a birthday present for Maria Jose, who told local media: “This was the greatest gift I’ve ever received for my birthday. I turned 74 today with this gift. A present for me and Emanuelly.

“It’s the only thing we want. We want peace and I want to see my granddaughter experience the mother’s love she never had. And I want my daughter, who drugs stole from me, back.”

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