Brave Cyclists Save Pooch From Anacondas Jaws

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Video Credit: CEN/@paulosergio.marqueti

This is the moment a group of cyclists wrestle a huge anaconda off a dog after they heard the poor pooch barking for help as it was stuck in the serpent’s jaws.

The startling incident took place in the municipality of Jaborandi in the southeastern Brazilian state of Sao Paulo when veterinarian Paulo Sergio Marqueti, dog trainer Adilson Tosi and his son Miguel Tosi were cycling with 10 dogs.

They were near the Pirola Lake when they suddenly heard one of the dogs, named Negao, barking wildly after it went to the water for a drink.

PictureCredit: CEN/@paulosergio.marqueti

Marqueti told reporters: “We thought he had caught something, or that something had caught him, When we got close I only saw the snake’s belly rolling around him and submerging into the water.”

In the video, the men can be seen wrestling to try to pull the huge snake off the dog as other pooches bark.

The anaconda has bitten the dog on its chest and the men work to free the pooch from the reptile’s jaws.

The snake wraps its body around the dog to constrict its airflow before the trio can be seen working together.

After the dog is released they let the anaconda free and help it back into the water of the lake as another dog runs towards it.

Video Credit: CEN/@paulosergio.marqueti

Vet Marqueti said: “We were trying to get the snake to unroll from around the dog and let it go from its mouth. The snake bit the skin on its chest.”

Adilson Tosi said: “One man alone would not have pulled it off. The snake has the strength of three men, I couldn’t open its mouth with my hand. I grabbed some pieces of wood and wedge them into its mouth from sides before putting them in the middle of its mouth. That was when it let the dog free.”

Marqueti said: “We didn’t think it was right to kill the snake. We managed to free Negao and then let the snake go to live its life calmly.”

Marqueti said the anaconda was young and measured around four metres in length. The snake reportedly went back into the water after the incident and the dog reportedly recovered well.

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