Boy Scout Leader Jailed For Getting Boys To Gang Rape Girl Guide In Cellar Under The Scout Hut

Story By: James KingSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A boy scout leader has been given a three-year jail term after encouraging the boys in his group to repeatedly gang-rape a girl guide in attacks that happened three decades ago.

After the brutal rape of the girl who was aged somewhere between 7 and 11, he then made the boys promise under the “scouts code of honour” to never reveal what had happened.

He also persuaded the victim not to say anything by telling her that she was a “good girl guide”.


But the brutal sex attack organised by the man who later became convicted of several sexual assaults came to light after the woman now in her early 30s finally decided to tell her story to the police.

Prosecutors who quizzed the boys who are now adults found her allegations believable, and the man who was not named but is now aged 64 was prosecuted and has now been convicted.

Many of the charges that the prosecutors wanted to bring were timed out, and with the sex attack on the young girl in the cellar underneath the Cub Scout lodge happening more than 20 years ago, this should also have timed out.

The court case taking place in the Baden-Baden District Court heard that the man had been responsible for numerous sexual abuses against children at the time while leading the local scout organisation but these could not be prosecuted because they had timed out.

However, the High Court gave the go-ahead on charges of sexual abuse of children ruling that this was still applicable, and after he was convicted he has now been jailed for three years.

The alleged attacks happened at some time between 1983 and 1987 when the victim would have been aged anywhere between seven in 1983 and 11 in 1987.

He had persuaded her not to say anything by saying that she was a “good girl guide” after she was put through the ordeal.

The court also heard that in the year 2000 he had been jailed for unspecified sex offences.

Other members of the Boy Scout organisation had claimed that he was an active and enthusiastic leader who had more than doubled the size of the troop in the years that he led it.

Much of the trial took place behind closed doors, so it’s unclear if the man plans to appeal the decision.

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