Boy Racer Who Crashed McLaren Killing Teenage Girl Appeals For A Lower Sentence

Story By: Georgina JadikovskaSub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A boy racer with a millionaire dad who walked free with a suspended sentence after he killed this beautiful young teenage girl whilst speeding in his rented luxury sports car at 180 mph has ordered his lawyers to have it reduced.

Lars D, 25, from the city of Essen in western Germany caused a serious accident with his McLaren sports car which resulted in the death of 18-year old Gina P. on 20th March 2019.

The death of the teenage girl occurred when the 25-year old son of a German millionaire crashed a McLaren sports car on the A52 Essen motorway just days after he had rented it.


Lars was reportedly paying GBP 1,285 per month for the vehicle and had suggested to Gina that they take a ride together.

The ride led to Lars speeding down the motorway at what experts estimated was a speed of 186 mph.

Whilst travelling at such a blistering speed Lars hit a bump in the road and lost control of the McLaren.


The vehicle smashed into a tree and was essentially ripped in half by the impact.

The driver survived almost completely unharmed, however, his 18-year old passenger died instantly.

Lars was convicted of negligent homicide but only sentenced to 14 months probation, fined GBP 21, 418 and ordered to do 500 hours of social work.


In addition, the authorities took away his driving licence for two years.

Netizens reacted to what they saw as an extremely lenient punishment for someone who had been convicted of manslaughter.

Netizen ‘Armin Schramm’ said: “Money rules the world, I wish the mother a lot of strength to cope with the loss.”


Whilst ‘Ralf Hensel’ said: “I hope he sits in jail until he’s old and grey.”

But following the sentencing, Lars and his lawyers decided to launch an appeal demanding the already lenient sentence be further reduced.

Netizen ‘Dagi Anders’ reacted to the appeal, saying: “I just hope that the penalty will be higher this time. It’s unfair that just because his father has money, he can do anything. He took away the girl’s life. How is her mother supposed to deal with this?”


A new series of experts were called to testify one of which contradicted earlier claims about the speed at which Lars was driving.

The expert said: “That could have also happened at a speed of 105-118 mph.” suggesting Lars was going considerably slower than previously believed.

Claudia B., 53, the teenage girl’s mother told local media: “For me, this is an unbearable farce. Our child is dead. And the perpetrator does not want to accept his already lenient sentence. Having to sit across from him is very difficult to bear because I have the feeling that none of it affects him.”

The case continues.

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