Boy Leaves Cute Pooch In Shelter To Stop Dad Beating It

Story ByAna LacasaSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyNewsflash

Picture Credit: Newsflash/@alberguepergatuzoo

This cute puppy has been left in an animal shelter by a boy with a touching note asking them to look after the pooch as his dad “beat it a lot”.

The white pooch named Simon was left at the Albergue Pergatuzoo Foundation in the Mexican capital Mexico City with a letter written by its owner, a young boy who has not been named.

The letter read: “I am leaving you Simon, my dog, because I do not want my dad to beat him. He cries a lot because there isn’t any food, I’m leaving you my savings for his tortillas.

“Don’t beat him, because my dad beat him a lot. Simon eats a lot. Don’t give him away, when I’m grown up I’ll come for Simon.”

Picture Credit: Newsflash/@alberguepergatuzoo

The foundation shared the touching letter and photos of the pooch to try to contact the boy and his family.

They said the dog had arrived on 5th March and promised to look after him, adding that several children had been giving the pooch some love.

Netizen ‘Daniia Ciisneeros’ commented: “I hope the kid will be able to see Simon soon as both of them must be very sad. I hope he is fine. Thanks for your great heart.”

‘Rosa Aquino’ added: “Such an intelligent boy, instead of leaving him in the street he looked for a place to take care of him and feed him. You can feel how much he loves the dog. I wish you could talk with the dad and make him see that the dog should not be beaten as his kid loves him a lot.”

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