Boy Killed By Girl Who Tried To Free Him From Door Trap

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Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a tragic young girl accidentally kills her three-year-old playmate while trying to rescue him as adults walk by after he got his head stuck between two glass doors.

The accident happened at the entrance of a public library in Shaoyang’s Daxang District in Central China’s Hunan Province on 1st May at the start of the country’s four-day Labour Day break.

According to the authorities, the families of the three-year-old boy and the older girl both run businesses on a pedestrian shopping street nearby.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Video from the Songpo Library shows the pair playing by themselves when the boy sticks his head between the hinges of the two tall glass doors.

The boy is unable to free his head from the narrow space and his playmate tries to help him by shutting the door, which only causes the panels to tighten around the child’s neck.

An adult can be seen walking right past the two children into the library, but neither appears to ask for help and the man does not notice them either.

The child was finally freed when two women noticed him and called the fire service; however, he was taken to hospital where efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.

The girl’s continued rescue efforts are thought to have caused the boy fatal injuries.

Daxiang District police said the library is to make changes to its entrance in order to avoid similar accidents in the future.

The library operators have also reached an agreement over compensation with the boy’s family, but the figure has not been disclosed.

Buli Liang

I am a freelance stringer and journalist based in China.