Bow-And-Arrow Thug Shoots Pet Dog Twice

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Malaysian cops are hunting bow and arrow-wielding thug who fired two arrows into a dog wearing a collar on the street.

The incident took place outside a 24-hour minimarket in Dayang Bay in the town of Kuah in north-western Malaysia’s Langkawi Islands and the police became involved after netizen ‘Chen Liau Weng’ shared shocking images on Facebook showing the dog on the ground with two arrows sticking out of its body.

The police arrived on the scene and found residents trying to throw the dead dog’s body into the sea, according to reports.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire/@chen.liauweng

Cops stopped the residents and the animal’s corpse was then sent to a veterinary clinic to undergo an autopsy.

According to the police, no one has reported the dog’s disappearance yet despite the dead animal being found wearing a collar.

Animal activist Arie Dwi Andika told local media: “Only authorities sanctioned by the Animal Welfare Board can kill the animals through humane and internationally accepted ways, such as euthanasia.

“In fact, even if you want to kill a sick dog, you need a licensed and trained veterinarian to do it.”

He added: “Don’t make this (dog killing) part of our culture.”

Meanwhile, the local authorities have called on anyone with information, including Facebook user ‘Chen Liau Weng’, to come forwards.

The police investigation is ongoing.

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