BOOMBOX BUST: Cops Unscrew Speaker Cone To Find Massive Stash Of Drugs In Apartment

This is the moment when cops let out a cheer as they unscrew a speaker cone and find a huge stash of drugs inside.

Officers found substances including legal highs, amphetamines, and marijuana in the apartment in Grudziadz, Poland, during the raid last week.

The seized goods are said to have a black market value of at least PLN 5 million (GBP 927,000).

As well as in the speaker, officers found other substances hidden in the washing machine, fridge, and cupboards, among other places.

Among the seized items were a handgun and ammunition, police said.

The apartment’s 34-year-old resident was hauled before prosecutors in Lublin accused of drug dealing.

He was remanded in custody for three months and reportedly faces up to 12 years behind bars.

KMP Lublin said in a statement: “Operatives from the KMP in Lublin uncovered a drug warehouse.

“They seized a total of 40 kilogrammes of legal highs, 40,000 tablets with intoxicating properties, 12.5 kilogrammes of amphetamines, and three kilogrammes of marijuana.

“They also seized hundreds of steroids and illegal drugs, as well as weapons and ammunition.

“The black-market value of the seized substances has been estimated at at least PLN 5 million.

“The 34-year-old detainee has been charged with dealing significant amounts of drugs and has been temporarily arrested for three months.

“The investigation is being conducted by police officers from the drug-related crime department of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lublin under the supervision of the Lublin-South District Prosecutor’s Office.

“The case started in July. At that time, the operating staff in Lublin secured about three kilogrammes of designer drugs.

“Subsequently, officers conducted operational activities, and it did not take long for results.

The 34-year-old drug dealer poses in undated photo. Police found drugs worth PLN 5 million (GBP 934,000) in his apartment in the city of Grudziadz, Poland. (KMP Lublin/Newsflash)

“By October, another kilogramme of designer drugs had been seized. In connection, two people were arrested, charged, and detained.

“But it was not the end of the case. Information obtained led operatives to Grudziadz.

“There, in an apartment, police officers from the city headquarters in Lublin found a drugs warehouse and detained a 34-year-old.

“Findings showed that the man was possibly distributing drugs all over Poland.

“During the search, officers seized 12.5 kilogrammes of amphetamines, 40 kilogrammes of legal highs, three kilogrammes of marijuana, and 40,000 intoxicating tablets.

“There were also huge amounts of illegal drugs in the apartment, boxes for medicaments, and several hundred packages of steroids.

“In addition, police found a revolver with removed serial numbers and ammunition. All substances will now be examined in detail.

Image shows the drugs that police seized in the city of Grudziadz, Poland, undated photo. It reportedly had a value of PLN 5 million (GBP 934,000). (KMP Lublin/Newsflash)

“The apartment was used as a drugs store. There were illegal drugs or intermediates in every hiding place.

“The 34-year-old hid amphetamines inside a loudspeaker, and designer drugs, among other things, in the refrigerator and washing machine.

“In total, the black-market value of the secured substances was estimated at approximately PLN 5 million.

“Last week, the resident of Grudziądz was taken to the prosecutor’s office in Lublin and heard accusations of involvement in dealing large amounts of drugs.

“At the request of the police and the prosecutor, the man was temporarily arrested for three months. He faces up to 12 years in prison.

“The case is ongoing.”