Bodybuilder And Stepson In McDonalds Chainsaw Attack

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub Editor: Michael LeidigAgencyCEN

A McDonalds cleaner who only survived being attacked by a chainsaw when a bone in his hand wedged in the blade has been told the masked robbers suspected of being responsible have been arrested.

The McDonald’s chainsaw attack took place in Dielsdorf, a town in the Swiss canton of Zurich, 12 years ago.

Those arrested include a 41-year-old man from the Dominican Republic who lives in the Zurich area who was arrested after cops overheard his stepson bragging to a cellmate. But the stepson will not be punished as he was 15 at the time, and the statute of limitations is 5 years for the offence. Both are powerfully built bodybuilders.

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Pictures Credit: CEN/Facebook & CEN

According to local media, the unnamed stepson, a known petty criminal, was overheard saying that he went into a McDonald’s restaurant with his stepfather when he was 15 while a carrying chainsaw.

The cops then looked into the matter and managed to identify the stepfather.

The victim, Nguinamau Antonio Da Costa, 48, still has visible scars of the chainsaw attack over his face, arms and hands.

He reportedly lost one and a half teeth and one of his hands is partially paralysed after the nerves were cut by the chainsaw.

Nguinamau, who fled the Angolan Civil War to Switzerland as a child, is still severely traumatised by the fateful events that took place shortly after midnight on 1st May 2007.

He was working as a McDonald’s cleaner when the Dominican man and his stepson allegedly knocked on the back door wearing masks and carrying a chainsaw.

Nguinamau said: “I can still hear the rotating chains and howling of the chainsaw. This noise still haunts me day and night.”

According to local media, the two men demanded money from the safe, but the cleaner told them that he didn’t know the code because he was unauthorised.

He said: “They then forced me to my knees and attacked me from both sides with the chainsaw. I fought off the attack with my arms.

“I felt my own blood splash around me. One of the chains suddenly stopped because my bone had blocked it.”

When Nguinamau finally managed to escape, one of the perpetrators threw the chainsaw at him.

Nguinamau said: “It hit me in the face. I see the scars and missing teeth every day.”

He added that he is able to forgive the stepson because he was 15 years old and “almost a child” at the time of the attack.

However, Nguinamau is less forgiving towards the 41-year-old Dominican.

He said: “What kind of person does that to someone else?”

The stepfather is currently locked up in custody while his stepson has been released. According to juvenile law, his crime is time-barred after five years.