Boca Strikers WAG Shares Shocking Domestic Abuse Pics

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The WAG of Colombian international striker Sebastian Villa has posted these shocking images of her mouth and nose bleeding as she labelled him an “abuser of women”.

Boca Juniors striker Sebastian Villa’s girlfriend Daniela Cortes posted the pictures and video yesterday (Tuesday) on her social media claiming the wounds on her face and body were done by the footballer.

A video captures the moment Cortes shows a wound near her lips before she covers her mouth and begins to cry.

The images show several cuts and bruises on her face and body. Blood can be seen around her mouth from a cut on her lower lip.

She captioned the pictures accusing Villa, 23, saying: “Unfortunately, I have to do this today because I cannot take it anymore!

“It’s been two years living with a lot of suffering which I forgave and forgave expecting a change on his part that never came.

“There are threats telling me he is going to hurt my life and my family by calling bad people that work in my city making me go into desperation. I am doing this out of fear.”

She goes on to call him an “abuser of women” both “psychologically and physically” claiming that she has “not been the only one.”

Cortes said she feels a “big pain” at being unable to “run away” because she is scared “something may happen with my life and my family”.

She ended her post by saying: “I only ask him and his business friends to help me be able to travel to my country so I can be with my family and my daughter, it’s the only thing I need in these moments.

“I have no other option for the well-being of my entire family because he is capable of anything, you do not know the kind of man that he is.”

Villa released a statement shortly after the images went public where he said: “Based on everything that is being seen on social media I want to tell you that I have my mum, my sisters, my nieces, my little cousins, I have women in my family.

“I am not in my home. I don’t know what the intention for what was posted is. Starting tomorrow I am going to start to clear the situation up with the appropriate people. Good night to all.”

There have been no further reported statements made by the striker.

Villa reportedly reached out to his teammates denying the claims and is currently staying at his fellow-Colombian teammate Juan Fernando Quintero’s house, 27.

Local media report Villa has accused Cortes of extorsion and aggression, however it is unclear if he has done so with the authorities.

It is unclear if Cortes has contacted police over her accusations.

Boca Juniors released a statement saying they are in “total disposition to authorities to clear up the episode and take corresponding measures.”

They added: “Boca restates our commitment to the values of equality and respect considering clubs as a determining tool for this social fight to eradicate gender violence in all of its forms.”

Villa has played for Boca Juniors since 2018 helping them win the Superliga this season and the Supercopa in 2018. He has scored two goals in 20 matches, both coming in league matches.

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