Blazing Biker Almost Becomes Real-Life Ghost Rider After Crash

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This is the moment a biker almost becomes a real-life ‘Ghost Rider’ after falling off his motorcycle in the middle of the road and instantly being set ablaze.

The incident was filmed in the Russian city of Volgograd in the south-western Russian region of Volgograd Oblast on the morning of 29th April.

In the footage, the 46-year-old biker is seen turning right onto a main road before losing control of the motorcycle and falling to the ground.


The fallen motorbike immediately ignites into flames and the biker’s clothes catch alight in a scene reminiscent of Marvel’s comic book antihero ‘Ghost Rider’.

The blazing biker runs to the side of the road and rolls around to extinguish the flames. Meanwhile, his crashed motorbike is completely engulfed in flames.

A car stops nearby and a man wraps a towel around the biker as one of the other occupants starts to extinguish the blazing bike with a fire extinguisher before being joined by another helper.


The unnamed man was hospitalised and treated for burns, later telling the news site Life that he is not an experienced motorcyclist which may have played a part in the incident.

He also thanked the road users who stopped to help, adding that he is now feeling fine.

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