BIRD’S-EYE EWE: Shepherd Uses Drone To Herd His Sheep

A Chinese herdsman has found a genius solution for monitoring his flock of sheep from the comfort of his own bed – by watching over his livestock with a drone.

Shepherd Mr Chao told local media he uses a drone to monitor his sheep while they are grazing in the fields of Hulunbuir, in the region of Inner Mongolia, northern China.

He explained that it is much easier and a lot more practical to graze his herd in the enormous grassland without even having to leave his home.

Mr Chao shared this footage which shows how easily his solution works, as the drone offers a perfect view of the situation outside in real-time.

Man checks the condition of the sheep through a drone in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia in China, undated. Mr. Chao, the herdsman, found that it was very convenient to use drones to monitor sheep. (yangbaiwan2/AsiaWire)

In the video, the sheep can be seen running across the grassy region while the drone chases after them and shows them all going straight into their fenced-off pen.

Mr Chao said this allows him to keep an eye on his animals by simply operating a remote control while lying in bed, which is incredibly convenient.