Biker Saved By New Helmet After SUV Runs Over His Head

Story BySibel AbdiuSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a SUV’s wheel runs over a motorcyclist’s head but he manages to cheat death after wearing a helmet he bought just a day beforehand.

Fortunately, the biker is seen jumping to his feet and throwing his helmet away after the headgear apparently – that he bought one day earlier – saved his life in the district of Muratpasa in the south-western Turkish province of Antalya.

In the footage, the white SUV is seen driving along the outside lane before suddenly turning left and blocking the speeding biker’s path.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The motorcyclist takes evasive action and ends up sliding along the road, right under the SUV’s rear wheel.

The wheel appears to roll over the biker’s head and he immediately jumps to his feet, removes the helmet and throws it away before sitting on the kerb.

According to local media, the motorcyclist, identified as 19-year-old Muhammet Ikbal Tatli, suffered five broken ribs but his head was miraculously saved by the helmet he bought the day before.

The teen attended a meeting on the importance of wearing helmets the day after the accident and he reportedly explained that he had bought his ‘life-saving’ headgear just the day before his head was driven over by the SUV.

He said: “The wheel rolled over my chest and then my head. If I didn’t have the helmet on, I would have been dead. I don’t have any head injuries, I have five broken ribs, nothing else.”

Antalya Governor Munir Karaloglu said in a statement: “The motorcyclist’s head was under the wheel, he was saved thanks to his helmet. If he didn’t have it on, we would have had to attend his funeral.”

It is unclear whether the local authorities are investigating the accident.

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