BF Scares GF Into Sex Saying Sperm Is White Cell Surplus

Story ByMichael Leidig,Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

A man in Indonesia reportedly scared his girlfriend into sleeping with him without her consent after telling her that his sperm was an excess of white cells which needed to be removed.

The chat from a doctor reveals that one of his patients had told him she had effectively had sex after her boyfriend told her he had a problem with too much white blood cells in his body, and that they could only be extracted through his penis.

She had not realised that what was coming out was sperm, and said she had helped him to extract the semen in any way possible because he had looked really pale each time before she carried out the procedure.

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She said it looked like he was going to die, adding “he was really pale because of this problem with too many white blood cells.”

The story went viral after a screen of a WhatsApp chat were posted on Twitter by a person named Giorno Joestar with the user @GoldwynMyr who added: “Sex education is important”.

It was widely picked up by Indonesian media where it caused the hashtag #SexEducation to go viral over the weekend across the country, with demands for better sex education.

Picture Credit:AsiaWire

Twitter user Ardian Kent was one of those who shared the original tweet with the message: “Dear my future daughter… don’t become this stupid.”

Sex education was introduced into Indonesia school curriculum in 2013 making it compulsory for high school students to study it in biology classes, and primary school children are also told basic details.

However many argued that the viral tweet which has not been independently confirmed as being the true story and where the girl and the doctor were both not named was nevertheless proof that the sex education classes were not going far enough if they produce someone as naive as the girl in the post.

Many even joined in the campaign to put pressure on the new Education Minister Nadiem Makarim to put sex education properly on the curriculum.

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