BF Hangs Himself After Stabbing GF Seven Times

Story By: Sofija Dizdarevik, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

This is the boyfriend who has hanged himself after stabbing his girlfriend seven times leaving her in a pool of blood.

The shocking incident took place in an abandoned house in Pechenog, a village 25 kilometres (15 miles) from the city of Kraljevo in Serbia where 26-year-old Aleksandar Todorovic was found hanging.

Local media report Todorovic hanged himself in the abandoned house which used to belong to his grandfather with his girlfriend Andjela Simic, 22, lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

Picture Credit: CEN/@aleksandar.todorovic.581

Reports state Simic had received seven stab wounds in a brutal attack from Todorovic who was dead at the scene.

The victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries but is said to be in a stable condition now.

Local media report neighbours said the scene of the crime looked like a horror film. One resident told reporters: “The scene was awful, we saw the young boy hanged, and the girl was on the floor in blood. The boy was dead, but the girl gave signs of life even though she was bleeding on the floor.

Picture Credit: CEN/@andjelaangiie.simic

“We can’t remember such a crime taking place here, but this family has a suicidal history. Alexander’s grandfather killed himself with a rifle, then his father hanged himself up in the mountains. Now a similar fate has caught up with this young man.”

The victim remains in hospital in Kraljevo. No motive has been provided for the crime.

A doctor told reporters: “The girl has seven stab wounds, four to the chest, two in the neck and one in the abdomen.

“The situation is stable at the moment, but given the serious injuries, the prognosis is not great, but it is expected that the injured girl’s condition will stabilise.”

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