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Beer Drinkers Flat Was Filled With 6,500 Empty Bottles

Story ByKoen BerghuisSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCEN

A beer drinker who never threw away his empties because he did not want neighbours to think he had a drinking problem ended up with 6,500 bottles piled high in his small flat.

The huge collection was discovered when the tenant, named only as Marcel D., was kicked out for not paying his rent on the 50-square metre flat in the town of Goerlitz in the eastern German state of Saxony.

Beer bottles, all from the local Landskron brewery, were found stacked on every flat surface, including the floor, and were piled up to about a metre high in the living room.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

Marcel D. admitted: : “I collected after-work beers for about seven years. At first I did not have the impetus to take the bottles away, later I felt ashamed. 

“I imagined the neighbours would think badly of me if I took away so much empty glassware.”

In total, around 6,500 empty bottles were found at the flat which meant Marcel D. drank two to three bottles of beer a night on average.

He has moved in with his girlfriend – whom he had never let into his flat out of embarrassment – at her apartment.

The eviction team also encountered countless of other rubbish strewn through all rooms of the Marcel D’s flat

Marcel D. added: “”I have not been in the apartment for the past year because there was no more space. For the last three months I have not paid the rent.”

The beer drinker has been ordered to cover the costs of the eviction process, the disposal of the beer bottles and a thorough clean of the flat.

And he did not even have the consolation of the estimated 600 EUR (515 GBP) deposit money due back on the empty bottles as the cleaners did not take them back to the local supermarket.

Marcel D. said: “To my knowledge the bottles were taken to the dump.”

Koen Berghuis

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