Beauty Queen Councillor Slammed For Missing First Chamber Session To Visit Disney World

Former beauty queen and serving councillor Brena Dianna has been slammed online for missing the first local government session to instead pose for snaps at Disney World.

The stunning lawyer and former winner of the Miss Amazonas (Brazilian state) beauty pageant in 2016 was due to return to the chamber on 15th February after two months of recess.

However, instead of returning to work, the councillor for the municipality of Parintins in the Brazilian state of Amazonas was instead posting snaps of her visit to Disney World in Florida with her partner for her 150,000 Instagram followers.

Former Miss Amazonas, Brena Dianna (pictured right), councilor of Parintins, who had been criticized for missing the opening of Chamber’s work because she was on a trip to Disneyland with her husband(left). (@brenadianna/Newsflash)

After being roundly criticised online for failing to return to work after a two-month break, Dianna told the news site G1 that she was on her honeymoon and returned to Brazil the same day the chamber reopened.

In a statement to fellow councillors, she had explained that she would be absent from the session for “unavoidable and non-transferable personal commitments outside the municipality”.

She said the trip was fully paid by her husband as a wedding gift: “A week ago I got married quickly, after postponing it twice because of COVID-19, and we went on our honeymoon. So I told the chamber I wouldn’t be there. I wouldn’t be there, because I would be returning to Brazil that day (15th February).”

Former Miss Amazonas, Brena Dianna, councilor of Parintins, criticized for missing the opening of Chamber’s work because she was on a trip to Disneyland. (@brenadianna/Newsflash)

The former beauty queen posted a photo of herself with her hubby outside Magic Kingdom on 14th February with the message in Portuguese: “Happy Valentine’s Day…in this magical place with my best friend, my life partner. Long live love.”

She told G1: “No one presents any proposals at the opening of the legislative work, no one presents requests. It is just speeches about the new year starting.”

In a memo sent to chamber colleagues, Dianna said she would be present at the next session.