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Beauty Queen Claims She Was Robbed And Beaten By Lover While Pregnant

Story By: Feza Uzay, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency:  Newsflash

A famous actress and model disowned by her family after they found out her boyfriend was married has revealed how he started beating her and emptied her bank account when she became pregnant and had no other choice other than to move in with him.

Ceren Hindistan, 32, actress and 2007 Turkey Beauty Queen Contest finalist, started a relationship with the Turkish businessman Umit Aslan, 38, in 2014.

She says she did not realise he was married until she was already pregnant and raise the subject of them getting married.


Nine months later the actress gave birth to a girl, Arya Rima, and now for the first time, she has spoken about the abuse she faced at the hands of her ex after taking him to court and winning, and saying she was no longer being worried about prejudicing her case as they were all over.

She wrote: “Today I won the last lawsuits I filed against him. I had one last case left, and I was waiting for this case to be concluded before discussing what happened publicly.

“Umit Aslan beat me and abused me during our time together. I did not know he was married when we first got together. I learned that he was married later.”


She said that he had continued to lie to her with all sorts of excuses, claiming it was not a civil marriage and that she was his cousin and it was arranged by his family, and that they had never had a loving relationship, just a marriage of convenience.

She added: “When the news spread about him being married, my family disowned me. He said that I should live with him, so he gathered up my stuff in my house in Istanbul, and I went to Antalya to live with him.

“After I moved in the abuse started. I was pregnant, but that didn’t stop him from beating me day after day.


“When I was seven months pregnant, he brutally beat me, after which I ran out of the house barefoot fearing for my life.”

The actress then explains that the abuse was not only physical but also financial, stating that: “One day he transferred money from my bank account to his own without my permission. I had neither money, a place to go, nor a family to ask for help.”

“I left him 19 days after my daughter was born. Umit continues to claim that he takes care of his daughter and gives us money. However, he never took care of my daughter, and I haven’t received a single penny from him.”

Ceren Hindistan/Newsflash

Umit Aslan has not replied to the allegations against him, however, local media reported he had applied for a gag order to stop saying anything for the next 30 days.

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