Beauty Pageant Winner Slammed By Russian Internet Trolls

Story By: Roksana Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

This it the winner of a beauty pageant who has been slammed by internet trolls who say she is not good looking enough, with one describing her as “uglier than an atomic war” online.

The mean critics lined up to slam the decision to crown mother-of-two Ekaterina Lifshyts, 35, as the winner of the ‘Mrs Moscow 2018’ annual beauty pageant held in the Russian capital city Moscow.

Lifshyts was chosen as the most beautiful of the 14 contestants in the pageant held in the ‘Orion Hall’, one of the most popular music-halls in the city.

All of the contestants were married women with children.

Picture Credits: CEN/Missus Moscow 2018 & CEN/@zaushkina

After the pictures of the winner were posted online, her appearance was strongly criticised by netizens.

Social media user ‘Valery Spirin’ said: “What an ugly winner! What a shame!”

And ‘Vadim Yuzefovich’ added: “She is uglier than an atomic war.”

While ‘Vladimir Kalyuzhny’ commented: “She went too far with botox and her look is ugly.”

‘Mikhail Romanov’ wrote: “She could take part in a horror movie without makeup.”

And ‘El Gur’ said: “She is ugly and her lips are overdosed with fillers. How could they choose her to be the Mrs of Moscow? I do not get it.”

Lifshyts graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture and Art located in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

After she moved to Moscow and started working as a hairdresser.

She is married to Evgeny Lifshyts, who is a successful IT specialist and they have an eight-year-old twin sons together.

After becoming a mother, Ekaterina gave up her job and devoted herself to raising children.

She is said to like sport and cooking.

Neither the pageant nor Lifshyts have commented on the criticism.