Beached And Disorientated Dolphin Calf Rescued

Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub EditorJoseph GolderAgency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/@crautonoma

This is the moment a beached dolphin calf is rescued after it was found disorientated on the sand with signs it had been hit by a boat.

The dolphin was found on a beach in Puerto Velero in them municipality of Tubara in the Atlantico Department in northern Colombia and was rescued by members of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Atlantic (CRA).

Picture Credit: CEN/@PoliciAtlantico

In the videos, a member of the rescuing team can be seen lifting the mammal off the sand and taking it back towards the ocean.

Another clip shows the rescuers taking it to a waiting lorry with a small pool set up for it inside, after returning it to the ocean proved unsuccessful.

Video Credit: CEN/@PoliciAtlantico

According to reports members of the CRA, the regional office responsible for environmental affairs, examined the calf and decided to transfer it to the aquarium in the nearby city of Santa Marta where it will be treated and cared for.

The head of the Environmental Office of the Local Police (DEATA) German Bahos commented to local media: “We found a dolphin calf stranded in the shore and the CRA checked it.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@PoliciAtlantico

The animal was reportedly found with signs of disorientation and it had marks over its body that might have been caused by boats or a collision with another object, according to experts.

Bahos confirmed on Twitter that the animal will be released back into the sea once it has recovered.

It is unclear the species of dolphin the calf is or why it became stranded on the sand.

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