Skilled Basketball Toddler Wows Internet Aged 2

Story By: John FengSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Newsflash

Newsflash / Li Mo

These viral videos seen over 200 million times show a young basketball starlet who is wowing the internet with his hoop skills at the young age of two.

Nicknamed ‘Xiaobuding’ – Chinese for ‘Little Pudding’ – the boy from the city of Luzhou in south-western China’s Sichuan Province was shooting hoops before he could even stand, his father revealed.

Adorable videos shared to Douyin, the original Chinese version of TikTok, show the toddler practising his dribbling and shooting skills at a local gym and on the streets, where he scores points using a hoop hanging on his dad’s back.

In a full-size basketball court, the tot expertly carries the ball towards the basketball, but he only simulates a throw as he does not yet have the strength to make the basket at his small size.

The boy’s dad, Li Mo, 29, said: “Little Pudding was throwing balls at the age of one before he could barely even stand. At that time, he was shooting hoops from our sofa at home.

Newsflash / Li Mo

“I’m an NBA fan myself. I watch the Golden State Warriors and like Steph Curry. I think that’s rubbed off on him.”

Little Pudding is yet to even attend nursery school, but Mr Li hopes his son’s interest in basketball will lead to some professional training in the future.

The dad added: “For the moment, we let him play whenever he wants to play. He’s still so young, but when he’s older I definitely want to find him a good coach to train him.

“Of course, this is what I want, but if it’s what he wants, too, then we as parents will support him.”

Mr Li said Little Pudding understands he is “popular” on China’s TikTok, but he does not appear to comprehend the scale of having his videos seen more than 200 million times, including 160 million views in the past 30 days.

Mr Li noted: “Of course, he doesn’t really understand what it means to be viral. He’s only two.

“What’s important is that he continues to pursue his interest.”