BAD TEACHER: Burly Man Arrested For Beating Tiny Schoolgirl To Death With Stick

A burly teacher has been arrested for beating a tiny schoolgirl to death with a stick.

Rinad Seyyed Salah poses in an undated photo. She was allegedly killed by her teacher in Asyut, Egypt. (Newsflash)

The child victim, who appears to be no more than 8 or 9, has been named as Rinad Seyyed Salah, and she was allegedly killed by her teacher, named only as Mustafa, at the Abdullah Al-Nadim Joint Elementary School in the city of Asyut, in Egypt.

The victim’s dad, Sayed Salah, said that the teacher had already beaten his daughter the day before and that she did not want to go to school on the day she was fatally beaten.

The Egyptian public prosecutor reportedly took statements from 11 children in her class.

They reportedly confirmed that the teacher had assaulted some of them by hitting their hands with a stick.

Mustafa, reportedly an Arabic language teacher, is said to have hit pupils so hard with the stick in the past that he broke their hands in a number of instances.

Mustafa reportedly denied beating little Rinad, age not reported, claiming that he was surprised when she fell unconscious, so the school staff tried to wake her up, and after she did not come round, they took her to the Asyut General Hospital.

Rinad Seyyed Salah poses in an undated photo. She was allegedly killed by her teacher in Asyut, Egypt. (Newsflash)

But investigators said that after looking at security footage at the school, they saw that Rinad was carried out of the classroom unconscious by Mustafa after being beaten.

Salah said that after he was informed that his child was in the hospital, he went there, only to find that she had died.

The Public Prosecution asked the Director of the Child Protection Department to examine the case, and after talking with the children’s parents, it was determined that the teacher physically harmed the children in the school instead of teaching them.

The Directorate of Education was then asked to take the necessary administrative measures to remove the danger and to provide psychological support for the children.

Photo shows Mustafa, a teacher, undated photo. He allegedly killed one of his students in Asyut, Egypt. (Newsflash)

The teacher has been detained, and the investigation is ongoing.