Bad Mood Creche Worker Slaps Newborn Tot In Face

Story ByJohn FengSub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyAsia Wire Report

Video Credit: AsiaWire

This is the moment a cheche worker slaps a helpless newborn baby because nursery bosses claim she was in a bad mood.

Vicky Hsu, the mum from Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei, has shared footage showing her four-month-old son being flipped face down by the nanny, who has yet to be named.

The distressing CCTV clip filmed inside the Miao Er Yuan day-care centre shows the carer then appearing to slap the infant before she flips him on his back again and pushes him aside.

Pictures Credit: AsiaWire & AsiaWire/Vicky Hsu & AsiaWire/Miao Er Yuan

Ms Hsu did not reveal how she came to find out about the alleged abuse, but said the creche has denied any intentional abuse, claiming the carer was simply “in a bad mood”.

The mum turned to Taipei’s Department of Social Welfare for help on 16th April.

Chung Ya-hui, head of the Division of Welfare Services for Women and Child Care Centers, said after reviewing the footage that the carer’s actions appeared “rough and inappropriate”.

She said they would sit down with the nanny in order to determine whether her actions were indeed a one-time event, or whether she had a history of similar behaviour.

Chung also confirmed that the carer possessed all necessary licences to work for the privately run Miao Er Yuan creche.

Ms Hsu said she is awaiting the results of the investigation, claiming she is not interest in any compensation from the daycare centre, which is still operating.

“I don’t want a public trial for the carer, and I don’t want Miao Er Yuan to close down,” Ms Hsu said.

She added: “All I want is for other parents to see my experience, so no babies are ever mistreated again.

“I also hope parents are more careful when choosing day-care centres in future.”