BAD INFLUENCE: Multi-Millionaire Influencer Sued By Ex Workers For EUR 700K

Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

An Italian influencer being sued by a former maid for harassment and unpaid wages has been joined by two other members of staff who claim he cheated them too.

Businessman and social media celebrity Gianluca Vacchi has become a worldwide phenomenon flaunting his VIP lifestyle and luxury life.

His videos of bizarre dad-style dancing have been watched by followers all around the globe.

Gianluca Vacchi, 54, with his partner Sharon Fonseca and daughter Blu Jerusalema Vacchi. (@gianlucavacchi/Newsflash)

But Laluna Maricris Bantugon, 44 – a former maid at his villa -stunned his followers when she claimed that his carefully-groomed image is just a scam.

Philippine-born Laluna’s lawsuit claims he failed to pay her overtime and severance pay and subjected her to insults and harassment.

Now two former workers have come forwards to demand EUR 700,000 for unpaid contributions and slander.

Gianluca Vacchi, 54, with his partner Sharon Fonseca. (@gianlucavacchi/Newsflash)

Maid Laluna claimed DJ Vacchi would become furious if any workers missed a step while filming his famous dance videos.

She said she suffered three and a half years of “hell”, “exploitation” and “stress” at Vacchi’s villa in Italy.

Now two more ex-workers have come forwards to support her story.

Gianluca Vacchi, 54, with daughter Blu Jerusalema Vacchi. (@gianlucavacchi/Newsflash)

According to local media, two former managers from Sardinia have filed a complaint for about EUR 700,000 after working for Vacchi for 22 and 17 years respectively.

Both left in 2021, and claim Vacchi employed them illegally and did not pay their contributions for nearly 10 years as well as failing to pay them for overtime and unused holiday.

They are also reportedly seeking damages for suffering the influencer’s fits of rage and ‘slanderous’ accusations of stealing computer equipment, which led to their disciplinary dismissal.

Gianluca Vacchi, 54, with daughter Blu Jerusalema Vacchi. (@gianlucavacchi/Newsflash)

According to reports, Vacchi has filed a counterclaim against them for theft and embezzlement of nearly EUR 1 million.

The former workers claim that Vacchi authorised them to withdraw cash according to their needs and use the money to pay some employees. They were also allowed to dish out cash to booked DJs and masseurs as well as hand out loans to Vacchi’s friends and associates.

The court proceedings are ongoing.

Members of the staff of Gianluca Vacchi defended him in a video released in May, 2022. (Newsflash)

Vacchi comes from a rich Bologna-based family and his father owned the multinational Industria Macchine Automatiche.

In the early 2000s, Vacchi made a number of company acquisitions, including Last Minute Tours, which he has since mostly sold off.

In 2020, Vacchi and his Venezuelan model girlfriend Sharon Fonseca, 27, had a daughter together named Blu Jerusalema Vacchi.