Baby-Faced Thug Kills Pretty Ex Who Found New Lover

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This is the 23-year-old baby-faced thug collared for killing his beautiful ex-girlfriend before bathing her body and dumping her in a rice sack after she found a new lover.

The incident took place in the city of Muntinlupa located in the National Capital Region of northern Philippines when 22-year-old supermarket worker Sheva Adare Mae Prementil was found dead in a rice sack.

The main suspect has been identified as her former boyfriend Alexander Dimaunahan, 23, who was arrested in the nearby province of Laguna.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

Meanwhile, one of the victim’s friends claimed that he saw Dimaunahan with scratches on his neck and reported the incident.

According to reports, the witness has since disappeared.

Prementil was found in a storage room of a food company with wounds to her head, stomach and hands, according to local media.

The corpse had been placed inside a rice sack and her shirt had been rolled up to expose her chest.

Meanwhile, the local police said that Dimaunahan has confessed to the crime.

According to reports, he told cops that he had been drinking and lost control when he discovered that his ex-girlfriend had a new lover.

Dimaunahan reportedly bathed the victim’s body before dumping it in the storage room. It is currently unclear exactly how she was killed.

Meanwhile, the local authorities are currently waiting on the autopsy results to determine whether Prementil had been sexually assaulted – something which the suspect denies.

The investigation is ongoing.