Baby Born With 3 Arms And Half A Heart

Story By: William McGeeSub-EditorMarija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

A baby boy in Brazil has had to undergo five operations in as many months after he was born with three arms and half a heart.

Cesar ‘Cesinha’ was born in the Brazilian municipality of Praia Grande in August last year and has just turned five months old.

To the shock of his parents, he was born with three arms and half a heart, in addition to other deformities, none of which were revealed during antenatal care.


Cesinha has already undergone five operations to correct problems with his tongue, heart, and diaphragm, and will require more going forward.

Perhaps the most curious thing about Cesinha was that he was born with an extra arm, which, despite having a nervous system and bones, is immobile.

His mother Michelle Aparecida Pereira Fondos, 38, told local media: “My husband looked at me and said ‘there’s something hanging from the baby’. I thought it might have been the umbilical cord, but it was his little arm.”


Doctors at the Beneficencia Portuguesa Hospital in the city of Sao Paulo believe Cesinha started off as conjoined twins, and “fought” off the other in the womb.

This hypothesis will be either confirmed or discarded with genetic testing yet to be carried out.

A test that has already been carried out revealed that Cesinha has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which meant the left side of his heart did not develop correctly.


Despite his numerous problems, Cesinha was discharged from hospital and able go home with his parents and siblings, aged eight and 14.

However, he will still have to undergo regular medical checks, and his parents hope to have his extra limb surgically removed when he is aged between six months and one year.

Rodrigo Fernandes of the Santos-based ‘Acao do Bem’ social project, which provides hampers for families in need, told Newsflash that he hopes to be able to provide “donations of milk, baby wipes and nappies”, amongst other items, for little Cesinha.


He set up an online fundraiser for Cesinha, which can be found here: Acao do Bem’s Instagram handle is @acaodobemsantos.

The campaign has so far raised over BRL 73,000 (GBP 10,030), which will be spent on medicines and products such as ointments, serum and insulin syringes.

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