B4 And After: Poor Yorks Terrier With Coat Fully Matted

Story By: Victoria LyndonSub-Editor:  Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

These are the shocking before and after pictures of a cute Yorkshire Terrier which was rescued from a bird shed with its fur completely matted and too long.

The rescue took place in a town called Aschaffenburg, located in north-western Bavaria, Germany after the owner of six animals who was of retirement age and decided they no longer wanted the animals decided to gift them to neighbours in the vicinity.

Picture Credit: CEN/@TierschutzvereinAschaffenburg

As soon as the neighbours saw the poor state of the animals they called the police. Alongside the Animal Welfare Association Aschaffenburg the police were able to free the six animals, four Persian cats and two dogs, from the bird shed in which they had reportedly been kept for over a year.

Alexandra Kieser, Animal Welfare Adviser, said: “The animals were scared, they had to endure everything, including clipping. I have never seen anything like it. They were just silent. It took three and a half hours to free them from the filth. Today our vet looked at them. One cat has inflammation, and one of the dogs is bleeding from its nose.”

Picture Credit: CEN/@TierschutzvereinAschaffenburg

According to the Animal Welfare Association, the owner of the animals seems to be unaware of the severity of the way in which the animals were kept as well as the condition they were in.

The animals are now safe and are being well looked after.

Images show how one of the dog’s coats was completely matted when it was rescued. The matted fur was trimmed of the Yorkshire Terrier revealing the cute pooch underneath.

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