Axe-Wielding Man Smashes Up Supermarket Claiming Wife Hit For Refusing To Wear Face Mask Inside

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

This is the shocking moment an axe-wielding man bursts into a supermarket, destroying everything in sight and claiming he did it after his wife was hit by someone for not wearing a face mask inside.

The scary incident happened in the city of Mariupol in the Ukrainian region of Donetsk Oblast on 22nd April.

The video shows the axe-wielding man, who has not been named, enter the establishment and without warning, begins destroying cash registers, shelves and plastic protection around the registers even falling down at one point.

Shum Vidio/Newsflash

Several stunned clients can be seen walking away as the man continues to destroy everything in sight and yelling obscenities before calmly walking out as the video ends.

There were no people injured.

The authorities identified the suspect as a 35-year-old local resident but his name has not been reported.

Shum Vidio/Newsflash

Local media said the 35-year-old posted the footage on social media and explained he carried out the act after his wife, who was not named, was hit by another person in front of her daughters for not wearing a face mask inside the supermarket.

The suspect’s wife was reportedly shopping at the supermarket when she was approached by employees asking her to put on a mask, which is required, before other shoppers got involved and also insisted that she put one on.

However, the unnamed woman ignored their requests and was later denied service at the counter leading to a verbal altercation before a man allegedly pushed her.

Shum Vidio/Newsflash

Her axe-wielding husband was filmed bursting into the supermarket shortly after.

The suspect, who has already been detained, faces between three and seven years behind bars.

He reportedly had a similar incident in December 2020 when he smashed up another supermarket in the centre for refusing to wear a face mask but no further information was given on the previous incident.

The case is ongoing.