Authorities Slammed After Woman Found Chained To Wall By Cruel Hubby

This is the moment a woman with a mental disability is chained to a wall in a hut by her neck and is handed food by her husband, whom she has eight children with.

In one clip, the allegedly abusive husband is heard saying that he wanted to have many children with his wife because villagers “looked down” on him for getting married at 33 years old.

She was reportedly chained to the wall in the hut by her husband, and footage shows her being handed meals while she apparently has difficulty communicating verbally with him.

Woman’s neck tied with a chain to the wall in Feng County, China. (Miss Duan/AsiaWire)

After footage of the man apparently abusing his wife went viral on social media, officials in Feng County in the Chinese province of Jiangsu said the woman, surnamed Yang, suffers from a mental disability and has been known to be allegedly aggressive to family members.

The authorities said the woman is now receiving social care and that the family will receive financial support to help them enjoy “a warm Spring Festival”.

Several kindhearted people on the video platform Kuaishou, who had previously filmed the alleged abuse, have visited the home to donate food and clothes to the couple’s eight children.

Woman’s neck tied with a chain to the wall in Feng County, China. (Miss Duan/AsiaWire)

However, on 29th January, one influencer went to the home to expose the situation, as seen in the video, although Feng County officials dismissed his claims of domestic violence.

The local government’s response caused further outrage and a local women’s federation has stated that it will follow up on the case.