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Australian Cops Expose Paedo Rapist Dad

Story By: Sergey Panashchuk, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

Video Credit: CEN/

A father has been arrested for repeatedly raping his teenage daughters and filming it to sell on the Darknet and then letting other paedophiles pay to have sex with them.

Police in the town of Fastiv in the Kiev region Oblast in north-western Ukraine had reportedly been tipped off by the Queensland state police detachment ‘Argos’ in Australia who found child pornography on the Darknet seemingly filmed in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian cyber police department then analysed the videos and tracked down and arrested the 45-year-old suspect who is a father to two daughters aged 14 and 15 respectively.

According to the police, the father regularly filmed himself raping his daughters and would then post the videos for sale on the Darknet.

Police also believe the suspect ‘rented’ his daughters as sex slaves to rich foreigners and Ukrainians.

Officers reportedly found video footage showing the father raping his daughters in the woods, a dildo he allegedly used to assault them with and lingerie.

In a video released by the police, one of the teenage daughters can be seen saying: “He said he would make me feel pleased and I do not want to go into detail.”

The suspect can be seen in a video asking his daughter if the camera is working in a clip which allegedly saw him go on to rape her.

When asked by police if he had videos with his children on his computer, the father replies: “I do not know. We deleted some of it, I don’t know what is left there.”

The suspect then admits to having his children with him when he takes a bath, saying they “wash his back” as he “can’t do it on his own”.

A police spokesman said: “Police officers managed to track down the man who was spreading the videos. During the police raid we learned that the man was raping his daughters and sold the videos to foreigners. During the interrogation the girls said the father invited their female classmates to their house. They had sex with foreigners and allegedly with their godfather.

The spokesman added: “The father received money for letting them do it. We also got hold of his computer and found a lot of pornographic videos with his daughters in them. The children have been taken away from the family and sent to a rehabilitation centre.”

The father has been charged with spreading and manufacturing pornography, human trafficking and raping minors.

He faces up to 12 years in prison if found guilty.

Australian Cops Expose Paedo Rapist Dad
Australian Cops Expose Paedo Rapist Dad
Australian Cops Expose Paedo Rapist Dad
Australian Cops Expose Paedo Rapist Dad
Australian Cops Expose Paedo Rapist Dad
Australian Cops Expose Paedo Rapist Dad
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Picture Credit: CEN/