Aussie Actor And Thai Boxing Champ Praised For His Restraint In Face Of Aggressive Road-Rage Bully

Singapore-based Aussie actor Joshua Tan – reportedly a Thai boxing champion – has been praised for standing up to a foul-mouthed motorist during a filmed road-rage incident in Sydney.

Tan, 31, an Australian actor and singer based in Singapore, shared footage of the incident on Instagram for his 154,000 followers with a picture that said: “Stop bullying. Stand up. Speak out.”

He accompanied the message: “Some stranger came up and did this to me today, thank God @tayzoen (Tan’s partner Zoen Tay) was safe in the car.

The post the Singapore actor Joshua Tan posted, after the video with the angry man. (@joshuatwe13/Newsflash)

“Racism is not ok, bullying should not be tolerated. It is possible to stay calm but also stand up to bullies, some resort to aggression and raised voices when confronted by firm restraint.

“However it is possible to stand up for yourself while at the same time, not resort to violence. To the person in this video, I pray that God will help you in whatever situation you may be in, however, this behavior is not acceptable and should not be tolerated by anyone.”

In the footage, apparently filmed by Zoen Tay, the Aussie actor, star of the ‘Ah Boys to Men’ film franchise, is seen keeping his cool as the agitated man screams in his face, calling him a “f*cking idiot”, a “f*cking imbecile”, and telling him to “f*ck off” several times.

Actor Joshua Tan in a video with the angry man. (@tayzoen/Newsflash)

Zoen Tay also shared the video on her TikTok account, where it has been viewed 560,000 times, with the message: “This man started horning at us because we were trying to park and pulled over to scream at my boyfriend.”

She also referred to her boyfriend as a “Muay Thai champion” and said she was surprised he “remained so calm”.

In the video, the angry man is heard saying that the actor “slowly pulled in” and “blocked the line” while parking “really f*cking slow”.

Actor Joshua Tan in a video with the angry man. (@tayzoen/Newsflash)

In response to the incident, actress Jade Seah said: “Sorry this happened to you man. Honestly I cannot believe this racism in the country, in this day and age. Kudos for keeping your cool – must not have been easy! Stay safe.”

Actor Romeo Tan commented: “That must be awful but thanks for sharing such positive energy.”

Fellow actors such as Irene Ang, Shane Pow, Tosh Rock, and Paul Foster also praised Tan for calmly standing up to the man.