Aunt Tries To Sell Nephew For 20 GBP On Facebook

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This is the toddler put up for sale online by his aunt for just 20 GBP because she was “fed up” with him asking for “eggs and ketchup” sparking a police hunt for the woman.

Facebook user ‘Britany Mayra Perez Gomez’ posted on the ‘Tianguis de Facebook en Matamoros’ group on the social media site offering other users to buy her nephew off her.

The woman, believed to be from Matamoros, in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas, shared a picture of the young boy, who has not been named in reports, along with the caption: “I am selling my sister’s son, she has not come here to pick him up since Wednesday, I am fed up with the fact he wants eggs and ketchup.”

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Pictures Credit: CEN

She listed the price for buying the youngster at just 500 MXN (20.13 GBP), according to local media, and added: “And if you see this Maria (believed to be her sister), I am going to sell your son if you do not come to pick him up at 5, as you said you would leave him here for three hours and it has been three days. I am listening to offers.”

The post was widely shared and some netizens reported it to the National System for the Integral Development of the Family in Matamoros, who are reportedly searching for the woman to punish her for the post.

The authorities also asked Facebook users for help in tracking the woman down and to confirm the veracity of the case.

The location of the woman and the toddler is unknown and the investigation is ongoing.

The symbol for MXN is the same as for USD.

Ana Lacasa

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