Atleticos 15M Barca Deal Not To Do With Griezmann

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Atletico Madrid president has denied reports the club’s 15-million-EUR deal with Barcelona is linked to Antoinne Griezmann’s transfer saying “it has absolutely nothing to do” with the Frenchman.

Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo, 71, spoke with popular radio station Radio Marca based in the Spanish capital Madrid and reports suggest the deal actually involves Barcelona approaches for Saul Niguez and Jose Maria Gimenez.

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Cerezo denied a deal with Barcelona for rights to speak with players in which Atletico received 15 million EUR (12.91 million GBP) was linked to the Griezmann transfer after Barcelona were found to have contacted the player before his buyout clause was up.

Cerezo told Marca: “The deal with Barcelona has absolutely nothing to do with Griezmann. The Federation already closed the Griezmann issue is with the ridiculous 300 EUR (258.19 GBP) fine.”

Cerezo is referring to a ruling made by the Royal Federation of Spanish Football (RFEF), the governing body of the sport in Spain.

The ruling was made in September and forced Barcelona to pay a 300-EUR fine for contacting Griezmann while under contract with Atletico.

The amount was stipulated by the RFEF as the standard amount a club has to pay when they contact a player whilst under contract with another club.

Judge Juantxo Landaberea was appointed by the Competitions Committee for the case and suggested making Barcelona play a match behind closed doors as the sum did not reflect the potential 80 million EUR (68.8 million GBP) extra Barcelona could have ended up paying Atletico, however the Committee opted for the sum deemed ‘ridiculous’ by Cerezo.

Cerezo explained the deal did not have anything out of the ordinary saying: “We have agreements based on respect in which if a club like a player, first they have to ask his club or its directors. We have this deal with many clubs in Spain, including Barcelona.

According to local media, the deal Atletico made with Barcelona was only to speak with Spanish midfielder Saul Niguez, 24, and Uruguayan centre-back Jose Maria Gimenez, 24.

Both footballers play in positions Barca have struggled to fill after injuries and transfer deals fell through this summer.

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