Artist Creates Amazingly Real Stephen King Horror Clown

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

A talented artist has recreated a horrific clown snowman from a Stephen King novel on a children’s playground.

CEN/Aleksandr Savskiy

Russian Aleksandr Savskiy from the city of Sarov in western Russia’s Niyhny Novgorod Oblast region said he had decided to make a snowman that looked different.

Instead of going for the classical ‘Olaf’-looking snowman, Aleksander said in an interview with Central European News (CEN) that he wanted to think out of the box.

This is why he has recreated a version of Steven King’s Pennywise clown from his 1989 novel “It”.

Aleksander was working with a pile of snow that is carefully put onto a swing.

CEN/Aleksandr Savskiy

Step by step as Aleksander carved the snow and worked with its colour as slowly the mass of snow started looking more like the infamous character.

The final version of the snowman looks not only incredibly realistic but also scary.

Aleksandr says that his snowman was inspired by the work of local OAPs, who were trying to beautify the playground by putting up a bunch of stuffed toys.

CEN/Aleksandr Savskiy

He said: “OAPs have decided to make a cemetery of stuffed toys at our playground. I have very controversial feelings about this design choice.”

Then the artist noted that the sight of the playground has reminded him of a scene in the It movie, where Pennywise is saying that it smells of a circus.

“This is when I thought that a circus must smell the same way as the rotting toys. Then I decided to make my idea/association a reality.”

CEN/Aleksandr Savskiy

Netizen ‘Radaev’ said: “He looks as if he was real.”

Another one ‘Maria’ added: “Looks cool but I am afraid some people wouldn’t necessarily like it.”

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