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Argentina Federation Cancels All Football For COVID-19

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

The Argentine Football Association has announced they are suspending all football matches in “all categories until 31st March” due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The announcement came from the Argentine Football Association (AFA) yesterday (Tuesday).

The statement read: “With respect to the communication received by Minister of Tourism and Sports Mr. Matias Lammens, the Argentine Football Association complies with the request and due to this suspends the football matches scheduled in every category until 31st March of 2020.”

The announcement is referring to a letter Minister of Tourism and Sports Matias Lammens wrote to AFA president Claudio Tapia yesterday (Tuesday).

The letter said: “In light of the new measures adopted by the National Government referring to COVID-19 and having received the concerns by the Argentine Footballers Union, we request you suspend the realisation of matches in all categories scheduled by the entity you preside until the 31st of March of 2020.

“Moreover, we recommend the suspension of training for the squads during the same period.”

The news come after the AFA announced the country’s top-flight Superliga was set to continue to play their matches behind closed doors earlier this week.

However, local media report the association received heavy criticism from players in several clubs over fears of contracting COVID-19.

The Superliga was one of the last remaining few major football leagues that was still playing matches as the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A, to name a few, are all on suspension until further notice.

Argentina has reported 65 cases of COVID-19 which have lead to two deaths in the country.

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