Architect Films Deserted Wuhan City And Begs For Help

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Video Credit: CEN/@wheretogooncein

This is the moment a Mexican architect films the deserted streets of Chinese ‘ghost town’ Wuhan where he lives as he begs North American authorities to fly him out as soon as possible due to coronavirus concerns.

Daniel Stamantis Portugal, an architect who lives in Wuhan in the eastern Chinese province of Hubei, told Mexican media that he is currently safe, but desperate to get out of the troubled city.

Picture Credit: CEN/@wheretogooncein

The Chinese authorities have confirmed the death of 106 people due to coronavirus and President Xi Jinping has reportedly ordered an indefinite quarantine of Wuhan as citizens are banned from entering the city.

Daniel has been living in China for seven years and has been a resident of Wuhan for the last four. He flew back to Mexico on 11th January and returned to China on 17th, two days before the virus outbreak.

He lamented: “If I had flown two days later, I would not have been allowed into China and I would have stayed in Mexico, which would have been perfect.”

Video Credit: CEN/@wheretogooncein

Daniel said that he has looked for fellow Mexicans in the affected Chinese city on social media, but has been unable to find support.

He said: “I am aware that it is difficult due to prioritising diplomats, it all seems very complicated, but we should fight. Here, the situation is not easy at all. We are very few Mexicans here. In fact, I personally do not know any Mexicans in the city.”

Daniel’s girlfriend is currently in the Chinese city of Suzhou after travelling there to visit her mother during the outbreak before being refused to enter her home city so he is all alone in Wuhan.

Picture Credit: CEN/@wheretogooncein

He pleaded on Twitter: “Dear ambassadors, I am a Mexican in Wuhan in China. The city is quarantined, but the US plans to send a rescue plane. What can I do to get on that plane? I have a visa and everything.”

US ambassador in Mexico Christopher Landau replied: “US authorities are aware of your situation. So far, it seems that there are more American citizens than places on the plane, but that could change in any moment. We will keep in contact.”

Regarding his contact with Mexican and US authorities, Daniel said: “We are in contact every day, the truth is that the service has been very good, especially from Minister Enrique Escarzo.

“I am not scared, I trust the authorities as they have been excellent so far.”

The Mexican citizen said that life in the city is very difficult: “At this time, nothing is open, only a supermarket from 10am to 4pm.

“There is food, but for a city of 11 million people I do not know how much longer it will last.”

Daniel included a video of the supermarket queue as well as a clip of the city’s deserted streets on social media.

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