Anti-Protest Trolls Attack Pretty HK Popstar Over Mask

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This Hong Kong pop star has apologised after a selfie she posted of her wearing a mask sparked fury among pro-Beijing trolls who deemed her snap as showing support for the independence protests in the city.

Singer Joey Yung Cho-yee apologised after being slammed by some netizens for supporting the independence movement in Hong Kong after posting a photo of her in a breathing mask on a plane.

The Hong Kong government passed an anti-mask law in October and some saw the singer’s post as showing her support for the protesters who continue to wear masks despite the ban.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire/Joey Yung

However, she has now removed the photo from social media and wrote: “I never thought that a lyric and a selfie I posted on the spot would attract this storm. I am extremely sorry for my carelessness regarding this matter.

“Today I think I should give a clear explanation to everyone. In that day’s post, I only wanted to express how excited I was to be taking off for work … as a public figure, I did not think my own words and actions would cause such a severe impact. I love the motherland, I love Hong Kong, I have never supported Hong Kong independence.”

She reportedly posted the selfie with a lyric from her hit ‘Airport’.

Picture Credit: AsiaWire

One netizen reportedly wrote in a comment which received 10,000 likes: “Which country do you love? Shouldn’t a public figure attach great importance to their words and actions? No wonder these ‘coincidences’ happen to her every time, she must be very unlucky.”

Reports suggest Hunan Television have now removed her name from a gala concert planned to be televised on Monday, however the company have not confirmed this.

Yung, 39, has won the prestigious Jade Solid Gold ‘Most Popular Female Singer’ and ‘Ultimate Best Female Singer – Gold’ awards a record-breaking nine times. She was born in Hong Kong.

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