Animal Docs Called For Dumped Dead Dog Find Stuffed Toy

Story ByMichael Leidig, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyCentral European News

A Dutch animal ambulance that also removes dead pets discovered to their relief that a dead dog dumped in a plastic bag in a forest was an abandoned stuffed toy.

The animal ambulance network in the Netherlands provides transport for sick, wounded or lost animals, and it also collects dead bodies to take them to crematoriums.

They got what they described as the “kind of call you don’t want to get” saying that the body of a dead dog had been dumped in a plastic bag in a forest near Almere which is in Flevoland in the Netherlands. They then turned up a short while later expecting a grisly sight.

They found the rubbish bag as described, with what appeared to be the tail of the unfortunate animal poking through the plastic, but once they opened it they found the moss-covered “corpse” was actually a stuffed toy.

Posting about the incident showing the black plastic bag, then the moss-covered toy and finally the cleaned toy, the animal ambulance team said: “This was the kind of call you don’t want to get. A dead animal dumped in a rubbish bag, probably a dog because of the tail which was visible. Dumped in the woods.”

They added: “Fortunately, it turned out to be a large toy dog, already covered in mud. Of course, with relief, we collected him for proper disposal.”

The Dutch animal ambulance services are privately run, they are mostly not subsidised, although some benefit from local council grants, and are also non-profit, although they ask for donations. Most of the services are run by vets or animal protection organisations.

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