Angry Teacher Kung Fu Kicks Chatty Schoolboys

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This is the shocking moment a furious teacher launches a flurry of punches and Kung-Fu-style kicks at two boys in front of classmates for chatting and eating during lessons.

The teacher, surnamed Chen, claimed the two friends had been chatting and eating during their class’s self-study session at Xuanwei No 9 Middle School in China’s south-western Yunnan Province.

In the video, the two schoolboys can be seen standing at the front of the class holding their textbooks when they are called over to their teacher, who is standing in the door.

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Chen immediately slaps one of them across the face and then grabs him by the hair, shaking his head back and forth before dragging him out the classroom door in front of the class of shocked pupils aged between 15 and 16.

Chen then kicks the boy in the midriff, pushing him back into the secondary school classroom before turning his attention to the second boy, who is also kicks and slaps on the face and head.

He lands a flying kick to the boy’s side and pushes him into the corner of the classroom, where the attack stops and the teacher continues scolding the pupil.

The boys were not seriously injured, but the school has seen fit to suspend Chen while he is being investigated by the Xuanwei education bureau.

According to reports, the school has apologised to the boys and their families who have reportedly forgiven the assault.

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