Angry Farmer Kills Over 100 Of His Neighbours Sheep

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Over 100 sheep have been killed after a farmer put down poisoned grain to stop them trespassing on his land.

The disturbing incident occurred in the village of Yangjiakou in Hebei province in eastern China.

Local media report villager Li Zhen reported that 107 of his sheep had died as they were grazing on his neighbour Li Xiu’s land.

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Pictures Credit: AsiaWire

The police were called and images taken from the scene show the dead animals piled on top of each other on the roadside.

A mechanical digger is then used to move the animals’ corpses as cops load them up.

Investigators reportedly found that the sheep had been deliberately poisoned by Li Xiu as Zhen was herding his sheep through his land.

Xiu is said to have scattered corn mixed with pesticide across his land the day before Zhen walked across the area with his herd.

A local resident told reporters that Xiu had poisoned the sheep because the animals always ate the fruit from his peach trees.

Shepard Zhen told local media he “does not know how to survive” without his animals as they represent “all of his property”.

Xiu was arrested and charged with “placing dangerous material” whilst the sheep were taken from the scene to be disposed of.

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