Amputee Loses Prosthetic Leg While Surfing

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-EditorJoe Golder, Agency: Newsflash

An amputee doctor who lost part of his prosthetic leg while surfing on a beach in south-western France has issued a social media appeal for help, as he hopes it might have been washed up on a beach somewhere.

The doctor, who is desperate to get back on his board and needs the missing part to continue surfing, posted his appeal on Facebook and on Instagram asking for people to get in touch, saying it could wash up on the beach at any time when the tide comes in.

The incident took place in Cap Ferret, a peninsula the Gironde department, on the Atlantic coast in south-western France.


The doctor, whose name has not been revealed, used to surf before, but his leg was amputated in March this year. According to French newspaper Sud Ouest.

He started surfing again about two months after the operation.

It is unclear why he had to be amputated, but the doctor has been praised by netizens for his mental fortitude and inspiring attitude.


His appeal on Facebook and Instagram has been widely shared.

The surfer posted an image on Instagram showing the prosthesis dangling in the water alongside what appears to be a surfboard, with the caption: “I lost the tip of my prosthesis in the surf this morning at the ferret, between la pantoufle and the garonne [beach]. With the tide coming in, it may wash up on the beach. If you see it please let me know! Do not hesitate to relay the information! #amputee #surf #handisurf #capferret #help.”

Back in May, the doctor also posted a selfie with his newborn baby girl and his partner lying next to him. The doctor captioned the selfie: “My two bombs Armelle and Penelope born on 6th May. Joy and happiness come back to me.”

There is also posted numerous photographs showing him training at becoming a surfer, with the help of special coaches.


Netizens have been very impressed with the surfing amputee doctor’s posts, praising him for his outlook.

‘danivirdis’ said: “You are a legend man ! Today I see your profile and I think you are the legend of the legends ! Hope you will always smile and all the best to you and your family ! You just deserve the best of the best in this world ! The world is by your side !” (sic)

And ‘albanmtt’ said: “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.”

While ‘camille.cta’ said: “An exemplary mental attitude! I really admire you.”

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