American Student Killed After Night Out In Mexico

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An American student has been shot dead with an AK-47 while on a night out in Mexico and his friend, pictured here, is still missing.

Prosecutors in the municipality of Guadalajara in the western Mexican state of Jalisco confirmed that they are “investigating the forced disappearance of one young man and the homicide of another, both of American origin.”

According to local media, 29-year-old Jessy Pacheco and 26-year-old Carlos Alejandro Delgadillo Romero, both American-born graduates of the Autonomous University of Guadalajara in Jalisco, went to the Strana nightclub after enjoying drinks with other pals.

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Pictures Credit: CEN

According to friends, the two American graduates were waiting for a taxi at around 4am when they were attacked.

Carlos’ dead body was found near the nightclub next to five shells fired from an AK-47, a mobile phone, two cigarette butts and a shoe, according to reports.

Meanwhile, his friend Jessy has disappeared, believed to have been kidnapped.

State prosecutors announced that they are in touch with the US Consulate General, who are advising the victims’ families about the case.

Prosecutor Gerardo Octavio Solis Gomez said: “There is currently no evidence or statement regarding an earlier fight in the club, only that Carlos Alejandro was approached by a group of men who started to beat him before gunning him down.

“Therefore, it is believed that that the violence and suspected kidnapping happened outside the venue.”

Meanwhile, reports said that the 26-year-old victim’s corpse was identified by his aunt and has been handed over to his relatives for burial.

At present, Jessy is still missing and no arrests have been made as the investigation continues.

Ana Lacasa

I am a senior writer and journalist and editor of the Spanish desk for the Central European News agency.