Amazing Pink Waters Snapped In Mexican Lake

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These incredible images show how the waters of a Mexican lagoon have suddenly turned bright pink in the mornings.

The startling images were taken at the Manialtepec lagoon located 17 kilometres from the town of San Pedro Mixtepec, in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca after the waters suddenly turned pink.

In the photos, the waters of the lagoon, which measures over 15 square kilometres, can be seen bright pink.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@FSIMERMAN

Alejandra Torres Arino, a biologist from the Sea University of Puerto Angel, told local media that this rare phenomenon is seen in the mornings and is “exceptional and beautiful”, adding that it is natural but it is not common.

Local media report the change in colour has been caused by the proliferation of cyanobacteria going into the saltwater. The increase in bacteria has been caused by an increase in the amount of external nutrients being brought to the lake by recent rains. Among the nutrients are pesticides.

Pictures Credit: CEN/@FSIMERMAN

Reports state that the increase in the water level caused by the rains meant the lagoon burst its banks and mixed with seawater, bringing the saline water into the lagoon which added to the pink effect.

Arino said: “The causes generating it are not clear enough, we are investigating. What we do believe is that the high cargo of nutrients caused the increase of organisms such as cyanobacteria which is increasing in places where the high amount of nutrients and salt waters are.”

She also confirmed that this phenomenon had caused the death of fish due to the lack of oxygen, but it is not mentioned how many fish died.

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