Amazing Flight Of Couch Blown From Top Of Tower Block

This is the astonishing high-rise moment when powerful winds blow a sofa off a tower block sending it smashing into a house below.

Footage of the bizarre flight shows the couch flying through the air as it falls to the ground from the 21-storey block in the Turkish capital Ankara on Wednesday, 17th May.

The clip – filmed by a neighbour – shows the sofa twisting and turning seemingly in slow motion until it apparently hits a house with a tremendous crunch.

The video emerged as Turkey is battered by storms and powerful high winds of up to 78 kph (48.5 mph).

A shopping centre roof in the Turkish capital was reportedly completely ripped off by the storm.

The violent weather is also said to have destroyed the minaret of a mosque.

A sofa taken off due to a storm flies in Ankara, Turkey, Wednesday, May 17, 2023. The sofa reportedly crashed into an apartment building. (CEN)

Ankara Mayor Mansur Yavas said: “Heavy rain has started in Ankara. All our relevant teams are on alert, with 1,221 vehicles and 2,565 personnel, they are constantly intervening in the negative effects of the rain.”

The governor’s office in Ankara has said that thunderstorms and heavy rain are expected in a number of districts, warning citizens that flash floods could occur.

Storms could reportedly hit the Nallihan, Beypazari, Gudul, Kizilcahamam, Camlidere, Cubuk, and Kalecik districts.

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