Amateur Ref Dies After Player Pushes Him During Match

Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub EditorJoseph GolderAgencyGolder’s News And Sport

An amateur football referee has died after he was pushed by a player during a match he was officiating.

The incident took place during a local match in the Mexican federal state of Nuevo Leon on 12th February, however, news of the referee’s death has just surfaced.

Local media said referee Juan Hernandez, 62, was pushed by a footballer reported as Jonathan G., 23, and lost consciousness for about 15 minutes.


The player was reportedly complaining about a decision and pushed the referee in frustration, however, it is unclear what the call was.

Despite receiving medical attention on the pitch after losing consciousness and being transported to a local hospital shortly after the incident, Hernandez reportedly died. The exact cause of his death is unclear.

The Secretary of Public Safety and Protection of Citizens of Guadalupe released a statement saying: “This past 12th February the detention of Jonathan G, of 23 years of age, was registered.

The report went on to say that they “regret to inform the General Prosecution of the state of Nuevo Leon of the victim’s passing so we have added a file to reclassify the incident.”

The statement was posted along with a picture showing Jonathan G. shortly after he was detained by the local authorities.

The investigation is ongoing. It is unclear what Jonathan G. will be charged with.

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