Aluminium Drum Flies Off Lorry Onto Motorway

Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report


This is the moment a giant metal drum flies off the back of a lorry and crashes onto a motorway just ahead of an approaching car.

Dashcam footage taken on the Changsha-Zhejiang Expressway over the city of Huaihua, which is in China’s central province of Hunan, shows what police say is an aluminium water tank being picked up by the wind.

The container, which was one of several being transported on the back of the lorry, had not been properly tied down, the authorities reported.


In the video, the aluminium tank is lifted by the wind and launched into the air before it crash-lands on the motorway.

The dashcam vehicle is able to stop in time before crashing head-on into the metal vessel.

The misshapen container rolls to the side of the road, stopping by the median strip as the video ends.

Huaihua traffic police said the incident, which took place on 20th February, led to no injuries.

The lorry driver is believed to have stopped to collect the water tank, but he did not report the incident.

Local authorities were informed of the incident when the dashcam owner sent in video of the accident the following day.

The lorry driver was given a 100-RMB (10 GBP) fine but docked no points off his licence.

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