Albino Reptiles Found In Plastic Containers At Airport

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Picture Credit: CEN

These two cute albino reptiles have been found without food or water in plastic containers at a Mexican airport.

National Guard officers found the common leopard geckos (Eublepharis macularius) in two containers placed in a cardboard box at the Merida International Airport in the city of Merida located in the southern Mexican state of Yucatan, according to local media.

The albino reptiles were reportedly found with signs of dehydration and the package did not contain any paperwork for their transferral.

They were discovered by National Guard officers during a routine check in the airport’s cargo area.

The geckos were placed in the containers without food or water and required veterinary assistance, according to local media.

Picture Credit: CEN

Reports said that they were sent from the city of Monterrey in the state of Nuevo Leon with a final destination in the city of Merida.

The officers handed the reptiles over to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, however it is unclear what will happen to them next.

It is also unknown if an investigation is underway and if any suspects have been arrested for the illegal transferral of the exotic animals yet.

The common leopard gecko is a ground-dwelling lizard that is commonly kept as a pet as they are said to be easy to take care of.

Picture Credit: CEN

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