Albino Asylum Seeker Stabs Cougar Lover After Rejection

Story By:Koen Berghuis, Sub-Editor: Joseph Golder,Agency: Central European News

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Picture Credit: CEN

An Iraqi migrant suspected of groping a woman in her genital area and trying to rape her has turned himself in to the cops after the police published his picture.

The 36-year-old Iraqi migrant, whose name has not been reported due to privacy reasons, was arrested after he turned himself in to the cops at a police station in the Austrian capital of Vienna.

The man seemingly decided that he had no other way out after the police published his face all over the Austrian media.

The footage of the Iraqi migrant was taken by CCTV cameras on the Vienna metro.

According to the Vienna Police, the man followed a 26-year-old woman on her way home from the metro station on 11th November last year.

When the woman entered the stairwell of her flat she reportedly realised that a man had been following her and had walked into the building with her.

The man allegedly jumped onto the woman and pressed her against a wall.

He is said to have groped her in her intimate area and pulled down her tights, trying to rape her.

Because the young woman was resisting so much and began to shout, the attacker reportedly fled the scene.

According to the Vienna Police, the Iraqi man admitted he was indeed the person shown on the CCTV footage but did not yet confess yet to the allegations of attempted rape.

Police spokesman Daniel Fuerst said: “The suspect has refused to confess, he has been transferred to a detention centre.”

Koen Berghuis

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