Airport Guards Stop Hot Woman With Mans Passport

Story By: Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News


This is the moment Russian airport security staff stop a passenger who looks like an attractive young woman because the passport they were handed shows a man with short hair.

According to local media, 25-year-old Toir Nazarov from Tajikistan was attempting to board a flight from the western Russian capital Moscow to the city of Krasnodar when they were stopped by security staff.

Reports said that Nazarov, who is identified as a man in the passport, was dressed as a woman and officials refused to let the passenger pass.


In the footage, the official says: “You do not look like the person in the passport photo.

“You look like a woman right now and we have a man here.”

Nazarov asks the official to call his mother to confirm their identity and the official replies: “Why do I need your mother?


“Your mother is a related party?

“Confirmation should be given by government bodies, not a mother.”

Nazarov then suggests a fingerprint test to confirm their identity, but the official refuses on the grounds that the fingerprinting test is done in a different location.

It is unclear which Moscow airport the incident took place and whether the passenger was allowed on the flight to Krasnodar.

It is also unclear if Toir Nazarov is transgender or what the reason is that he was wearing women’s clothing.

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