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Afghan Refugee Jailed In Germany For Stabbing Wife On Packed Bus To Regain His Honour

Story By: Georgina Jadikovska, Sub-Editor: Marija Stojkoska, Agency: Newsflash

An Afghan refugee in Germany who stabbed his wife to death on a bus in front of schoolchildren because she damaged his reputation with a restraining order has been sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

Mohammad Salih M., 38, brutally butchered his 27-year-old wife Razia M. with 11 stab wounds in front of dozens of schoolchildren on a bus driving through the municipality of Oberguenzburg in the German state of Bavaria.

The court heard testimony from an expert witness who said the defendant made it clear he regarded his wife and children as his property to do with as he wanted.


It was also revealed that while his wife had become integrated, he struggled to fit in, failing his German test and leaving him with severe anger management issues, which he would often take out on his wife.

Not being able to cope with his temper and being a frequent target of domestic abuse by her husband, Razia M. reported Salih M. to the local authorities which resulted in him receiving a restraining order.

However, that did not stop him following her and it culminated in a brutal attack when he spotted her on the bus and stabbed her 11 times in front of horrified bus passengers including children.


The young woman died and their children are now being cared for by social services.

The Kempten district court sentenced Salih M. to life.

Chamber chairman Christoph Schweibacher said the man had effectively “publicly executed another human being on the bus”.

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